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Our new book: Miles to Equity ; a guide to achievement for all children, is a story about revolutionizing the traditional pay system for teachers based on their effectiveness not years of service.  How a courageous school superintendent embarks on the lofty goal of turning around the large, dysfunctional, and embattled independent school district using a new evaluation and pay system.  The former Dallas ISD superintendent, Mike Miles, is not a traditional educational leader. With a storied career in the U.S. military, Miles brings with him a unique skill set and perspective to leadership and management of large-scale organizations. The book delves into the myriad strategies he employs to turn the mammoth Dallas ISD ship around within three, fast-paced years.


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The book: Miles to Equity A Guide to Achievement for All Children

This is a great story, and I’m excited that this book is telling it! The improvements and progress made in Dallas are impressive. You’ve also clearly had a MASSIVE job in collecting all of the pieces of this complicated story. System turnaround is so complex, and the time you’ve take to boil it down into a replicable process cannot be underestimated. This book strikes me as SO ambitious!
Ariel Curry Acquisitions Editor,
Leadership Corwin, a SAGE Company

Pre-publication Reviews:

Education Faculty, Ottawa University:
The book's major strengths include the successful story of turn-around for a large, urban public school district and how the changes occurred so quickly…

Adjunct Prof. CCSU:
The vision that is shared is a definite strength. As we all try to "reimagine" school, this is an account of how to get it done.

High School Assistant Principal:
I think the importance and relevancy are VERY clear. This is a timely work and a source of encouragement for others to follow. It could almost be a "how-to" guide of sorts. I highlighted so many sections and found myself nodding my head in agreement to what I was reading. Loved the equity/equality section, the large city vs inner city distinction, and the inclusion of rural schools. I thought the material was complete. I like the acknowledgement that "There is no correlation between the number years of teacher experience and student success." I found the teacher evaluation system work interesting - working in a union district, this often the most challenging part of an administrator’s role. I think the key point was made - "...that Dallas ISD was going on a journey not an exploration." In education, we often "explore" and that exploration leads to another and then another and then we are back at the first one without any clear results! It was made very clear that this work was an intentional mission with a targeted outcome - all to benefit our kids! Clear actions are provided to see results also. I love the part about teachers earning a professional wage. I would love to imagine a new public school like the one described being developed within five years!

Executive Principal, Knox County Schools:
Thank you for sharing the core beliefs of the district. It is helpful to have examples for admin to see when building their own plan…..good admin read  

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This a powerful book on how to bring positive change to school systems. This is a comprehensive, almost step-by-step guide full of direction and purpose, not just theory. It's actually been implemented, and it works. No one disagrees that the education system needs to be reworked, and the plan that the authors outline helps everyone succeed. One of the chief ideas they put forth is changing how the pay system works for teachers, saying that pay should be based on the quality of teaching, instead of years accrued.  The authors do a deep dive into a number of the methods used to save the Dallas ISD in the span of three short but impactful years. If education is important to you, you will love this book. 

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Miles to Equity; A Guide to Achievement for                                             All Children


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I use his consulting services because he
spends the necessary hours ever time I have need, as a thought partner, making sure – I understood every detail of the project or task before me. Regardless of the project or task, Jim ideas and experience gives me the necessary focus, and energy making sure invested resources are woven into the district’s highest priorities for students, now and into the future.  To this end, If your desire is to become a strong CFO, I forward my personal strongest recommendation to hire Jim as your consultant.

To this end, If your desire is to become a strong CFO, I forward my personal strongest recommendation to hire Jim as your consultant.When it comes to public education there are many experts with a range of knowledge, but Dr. James C. Terry's intellect and leadership qualities provide a most insightful perspective. He has coached me and helped me become a skilled and confident Chief Financial Officer. With his help I've learned valuable lessons that have allowed me to bring new and reliable business and operating results in the management of our school district. I'm very grateful for his mentorship and inspiration to explore new ideas and strategies during very challenging times. 


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